Production of shrink PVC filmand different product of it: sleeve, half-sleeve, canvas, band, label...
  • Production of shrink PVC film
    and different product of it
  • 22 years of experince
    22 years of experince
  • More than 1 billion shrink caps for water bottles
    Manufactured more than 1 billion
    shrink caps for water bottles
  • More than 300000 tons of shrink PVC film
    Manufactured more than 300 000 tons
    of shrink PVC film
  • More than 20 product types
    More than
    20 product types
  • Around the world delivery
    Around the world
  • 1800 partnes, more than 500 orders per month
    1800 partnes,
    more than 500 orders per month
  • More than 300 highly qualified professionals
    More than 300
    highly qualified professionals
  • 8000 м2 of warehouse ans storage
    8 000 м2
    of warehouse ans storage

Heat-shrink from Don-Polymer company

Don-Polymer company produces and supplies PVC shrink film and its products in more than 60 cities in Russia and abroad The range of products varies from the film to the label. PVC shrink wrap is a modern packaging, which guarantees not only protection of your products integrity while transporting them, but also determines the appearance of the product, its high end look for customers.

Currently, packaging is an important component of any production process and presented in the market in all possible diversity. Don-Polymer company has its own fleet of various equipment for manufacturing a wide range of products made of PVC shrink film.

Our company also has a team of engineers who makes it possible to produce the PVC shrink film with a different degree of lateral and linear shrinkage, of different hardness and having frost resistant properties. Due to our own engineering service, Don-Polymer company has the ability of producing non-standard and innovative products made of PVC shrink film, which our closest competitors cannot copy. So what is the heat-shrinkage and heat-shrinking film?

Heat-shrinkage means the ability for the film of shrinking under high temperature air or steam. PVC shrink film exceptionally good matches for this purpose. Its unique properties allow it to pack various products and determine the final quality and appearance of products.

Don-Polymer company manufactures a full range of products of PVC shrink film: protective shrink band, film, sleeve, half-sleeve, decorative sleeve, cutting, slicing with a sealing machine, shrink label. Our company also produces PVC granules.

PVC shrink film. Many manufacturing plants where the tightness of the package depends on the products safety. Shrink film greatly facilitates the process of transporting and storing, it protects products from moisture and dust.

PVC shrink band — 100% exclusive production, has no analogues in Russia. This is a reliable tamper-evident security of your products. One of the most significant advantages of this packaging is that the band ensures reliable protection of products against counterfeiting. Want to know more?

Shrink band for beer kegs — the specialty of Don-Polymer company. Shrink band with the top disk on fitting for beer kegs with your logo.

Shrink sleeve, half-sleeve, PVC film — is a reliable modern packaging as well as a decorative elements for your products. We offer a huge range of translucent and colored sleeves.

PVC shrink label.
This type of packaging is a material that is shrinking under high temperature of air or steam. While shrinking the label takes the shape of the object, on which it is placed.

PVC granules.
The company has been producing this kind of material since 2011 and now is ready to offer it to the potential customers.