Shrink sleeve for poles of road signs

Shrink sleeve for poles of road signs

Tons of paint and hundreds of work hours are spent to support the poles of traffic signs descent enough. No more paint is needed. We have developed a brand new solution — shrinkable sleeve for poles of road signs.

Old sign

Lifespan not limited

Using the sleeve once, you don’t need to worry no longer about the appearance of the poles of traffic signs and protect them from external corrosion.

In warm and in cold

The sleeve is absolutely resistant to the condensate. Withstands temperatures from — 40°C to +60°C. When wrapping the tape tightly to the surface of the pole.

Wide range of applications

Road signs, arrows, Joker system, flagpoles, light posts, gutters and any metal pipes can be decorated by shrink sleeve of our production. This ensures a long service life, keeps their appearance without constant maintenance.

Simple technology

For wrapping pillars you do not need special skills or additional training. Just cut off the sleeve of the required size, put on the pipe and heat with the help of hairdryer or heat gun. Note that you do not have to breathe toxic paints and varnishes, to get hands and clothes dirty, and to wait while your products dry.


Shrink sleeve does not require restoration, painting, re-wrapping and keeps the initial appearance for long, that definitely brings significant savings to service organizations.

Mode of use

Cut off the sleeve and put it on the pillar

Cut off the sleeve of required diameter and pillar size and put it on the pillar

Make sleeve shrinkage

Make sleeve shrinkage with the help of hairdryer or heat gun

If welding is required, release the desired piece with knife

If welding is required, release the desired piece with knife