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Shrink sleeve for traffic signs and street signs

–ĘShrink sleeve for traffic signs and street signs

Tons of paint and hundreds of working hours are spent on maintaining the poles of the road signs in a more or less decent appearance. No more paint needed. We have developed a completely new solution — a heat-shrink sleeve for the poles for the traffic signs.

The old road signs

Unlimited life

Using the sleeve once, you will no longer need to take care of the appearance of the pillars of road signs and protect them from external corrosion.

In the cold and in the freezing

The sleeve is absolutely resistant to the condensation. It withstands the temperatures from −40 ° C to + 60 ° C. When tightened, the film fits snugly against the surface of the column.

Wide range of applications

Road signs, street signs, joker systems, flagpoles, lampposts, gutters and any metal pipes can be decorated with a heat-shrink sleeve of our production, ensuring a long service life, maintaining their appearance without the constant maintenance.

Simple technology

To fit the poles it does not require much skills or any additional training. It is enough to cut the sleeve of the right size, put it on the pipe and heat it with a construction or a household hairdryer. In this case, you do not need to breathe the toxic fumes of a paintwork, get your hands and clothes dirty, and also wait for the product to dry.

Saving the money

The shrink sleeve does not require any restoration, painting, re-tightening and will retain its original appearance for a long time, and this, of course, will bring the significant savings to the service organizations.

Mode of application

Cut the sleeve and put it on the pole
Cut the sleeve of the desired diameter to the size of the column and put it on the pole
Shrink sleeves with a construction or a household hairdryer
Shrink sleeves with a construction or a household hairdryer
If welding, cut loose the desired fragment
If welding is required, cut loose the desired fragment with a knife