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Shrink bands for the preservation

Using the auto designer of the heat-shrink band for the conservation, you can get acquainted with the technological capabilities of our production, configure a suitable option for yourself and immediately request a price or place an order with our managers.

Shrink band material: PVC film PVC

Printing on the shrink band


Perforations options

PVC shrink bands for preservation

The heat-shrink band has become an important attribute of packaging for the preservation. With its help, manufacturers solve a number of urgent problems, namely: they protect the product from fakes and premature tampering and use its additional advantages in the field of marketing.

Specifications and packaging

Film thickness: 60-75 microns

Shrink cap packaging

Box volume: 0,098 m3

Lid Diameter of the shrink band Shrink band height In one box Box weight
Twist-off 38 40 mm 45 mm 3000 pcs 4,5 kg
Twist-off 43 45,5 mm 22 mm 5000 pcs 7,5 kg
Twist-off 43 44 mm 43 mm 3000 pcs 4,5 kg
Twist-off 48 51 mm 27 mm 5000 pcs 7,5 kg
Twist-off 53 56 mm 25 mm 5000 pcs 7,5 kg
Twist-off 58 60 mm 20 mm 5000 pcs 7,5 kg
Twist-off 66 70 mm 32 mm 5000 pcs 4 kg
Twist-off 66 70 mm 20 mm 5000 pcs 4 kg
Twist-off 82 86,3 mm 25 mm 3000 pcs 3 kg
SKO 90 mm 20 mm 3000 pcs 3 kg
SKO 90 mm 35 mm 2500 pcs 2,5 kg

It is possible to produce shrink bands of individual sizes.

Detailed information on printing options, materials, options, quality and technology of application on the page shrink bands.


Prevention of the premature opening

Repeatedly in a variety of television broadcasts, we saw shooting with a hidden camera in the supermarkets. The conviction is spectacular: many buyers without a shadow of embarrassment open the lids, sniff and even try the product, and then put it back on the shelf. And if the packaging allows you to return the product to its original form, then another unsuspecting person will buy it. This is very dangerous, because the actual shelf life of the product is changing, and it can even go to the point of poisoning. To avoid this kind of "testing", it is necessary to increase the degree of protection of the product. There is an easy way to solve the problem with a shrink band. You can open it only once. Thus, it is possible with full confidence to guarantee the customers that the jars were not previously opened, since the cap would simply be completely damaged.

Also, the problem of spontaneous opening occurs during the transportation of canned fruits and vegetables, sauces and juices in packages with twist lids.

Consumer confidence

A shrink band will help to distinguish the products manufactured at the plant, of course, in compliance with all sanitary standards, from an "artisanal" production.

Also, in order to gain customer confidence, the space of the shrink band can be reserved for putting the information of the date of the manufacturing and the shelf life of the products. This will help to avoid the tricks of negligent store employees who change, erase or re-glue real information. After all, the buyer, once having acquired low-quality products, will probably never return to this brand.

Profitable marketing tool

The manufacturer himself chooses the shrink band design option. Its space can be used for printing a logo or a company name. In addition, in order to divide the products of one line by type, the color scheme of the shrink band is used. Thus, it is easier to find the right product for the buyer or a new one is highlighted.

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We can only speak good things about the Don-Polymer company. Our cooperation has lasted for more than 7 years. And during this time, there have never been complaints about the products, logistics and the customer service.

All our products are made from 100% natural raw materials and do not contain GMOs. Therefore, we place high demands on packaging in order to preserve all the beneficial properties for the consumer. The quality of the shrink band meets all the requirements. This is a practical protective element of the packaging, which, in addition, decorates and helps to "highlight" the product on the store shelf. Partnership with Don-Polymer brings our company only the great advantages!

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