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Shrink bands for sports nutrition

Using the designer of the heat-shrink band for sports nutrition, you can get acquainted with the technological capabilities of our production, configure a suitable option for yourself and immediately request a price or place an order with our managers.

Heat-shrink band material: PVC film PVC

Printing on the shrink band


Perforation options

Shrink bands for sports nutrition

Sports nutrition is a fairly expensive product. It is possible to eliminate consumer doubts about the originality of a products only with an additional protection. The shrink band will do just fine with this task. For the consumer, this will be a guarantee, and for the manufacturer — a reliable way to protect their products from the fakes.

For manufacturers of sports nutrition, we can offer the manufacture of heat-shrinkable bands of individual sizes with the various options.

Detailed information on printing options, materials, options, quality and technology of application on the page heat-shrink bands


Consumer confidence

Additional protection of sports nutrition packaging with a heat-shrink band will create a positive impression in the eyes of consumers and a confidence that the product is produced at the factory in compliance with all thesanitary standards, and not in an "artisanal" way

Profitable marketing tool

The individual design of the band with the manufacturer’s logo, vivid visual images and additional information for the client will highlight the product. Moreover, using different colors, you can divide the products in one line, making it easier for the consumer to find the right product, and also focusing on new products.

Counterfeit protection

Be sure that distributors sell your original products, rather than artificially made fakes.

Hygiene component packaging

The shrink band provides an additional protection against the dust and other contaminants.

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