About company

“Don-Polymer” company was founded in 1997 as a production plant of heat-shrinkable caps for distilled beverages. The company was successfully developing and rapidly increasing its production capacity for a few years. By year 2000 the company had significantly expanded the range of products and in 2003 we started to produce heat-shrink labels. Currently, the company supply its products to more than 60 cities in Russia and near abroad. The product range of heat-shrink packaging covers the broad areas from sheets to labels.

Today “Don-Polymer” company is the largest full cycle manufacturer of PVC heat-shrink film and offers a wide range of products heat-shrink products. Our polymer heat-shrink film serves for packing foodstuffs and for non-food industries.

All our products are certified by quality standards and meets the requirements of customers.

“Don-Polymer” LLC aims to take a leading position in the market of PVC heat-shrink film.

We are a team of professionals who focus on customers’ satisfaction, improving the efficiency of their operations, increase competitiveness and guarantee the quality of their products. “Don-Polymer” LLC uses the latest equipment and high level of competence of its employees to achieve these goals. Only the competent business management and qualified staff can provide customers with a reliable vendor and at the same time to guarantee its own reputation not only to partners but also to the end consumer.