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Thin heat-shrink film for packing the eggs

Thin heat-shrink film for packing the eggs

Egg packaging plays a big role not only for the consumers, but also for the producer. It should remain attractive and ensure the safety of the eggs and their taste during the storage and transportation.

The most practical type of packaging for trays is a thin heat-shrink PVC film. Therefore, in 2013, Don-Polymer developed a new formulation for the production of the packaging films with a thickness of 20 microns or more.


Material transparent PVC Film
Sleeve type sleeveless, canvas
Thickness from 20 microns
Width 250 to 600 mm

New recipe

In 2013, Don-Polymer company developed a new formulation for the production of films with a thickness of 20 microns, and this is a smaller volume and mass.

High protective performance

Due to the high degree of shrinkage and increased density of the material, the eggs are firmly fixed in the tray and protected from the mechanical stress, adverse environmental factors and opening. The packaging material has excellent optical properties, so the film guarantees a visual control through a transparent surface.

Easy to use and store

Shrink technology is a low-cost packaging method. Shrinkage is carried out under the influence of a high temperature (hair dryer or heat tunnel), this does not require any special training and education of personnel. The thin film is compact in storage, not afraid of the dampness, moisture, frost and temperature extremes.