Production of shrink PVC filmand different product of it: sleeve, half-sleeve, canvas, band, label...

Transparent sleeve for packing cornices

Transparent sleeve for packing cornices

Cornices should maintain the high parameters of strength and attractiveness not only during an operation, but also before it, during the transportation, storage and sale. They should be convenient for both the client and the store at each stage of implementation. To preserve these qualities, manufacturers require reliable, high-quality packaging of goods.

A transparent heat-shrink sleeve made of PVC film is a convenient and low-cost way to pack cornices. It helps protect the product fromthe external influences, visually present it to the consumer due to the transparency of the film. With an additional printing on the surface of the shrink sleeve, it is easy to maintain a level of recognition and trust in the manufacturer.


Unique design could be made at the request of the client.

Material transparent PVC Film
Sleeve type sleeveless, seamless
Thickness 30 to 70 microns
Width 30 to 300 mm
Printing flexo and rotogravure printing, holographic images

Protection against the external influences

A sleeve made of heat-shrink film increases the resistance of the product to the mechanical damage during the transportation and storage, reliably protects from the scratches, scuffs and chips. The film is not subject to tears and punctures, eliminates the ingress of foreign objects, dust, performs moisture and vapor protective functions.

Tamper and tamper protection

Shrink packaging eliminates the possibility of pre-opening products without visible traces, which creates an additional level of control. Packaging in a film eliminates the loss or theft of the components. Printing the logo or the company name on the surface of the sleeve increases the level of confidence in the manufacturer.

Additional decoration

A transparent shrink sleeve allows you to easily get acquainted with the product, it has a presentable appearance and shine, which gives an additional appeal to the curtain rods. High-quality flexo and rotogravure printing and holographic images on the film will attract attention, help the buyer identify the manufacturer and make the brand more recognizable.

Ease of use

Packaging can be done automatically or manually, simply by putting on a sleeve or a specifically cut piece on the cornice, followed by heating it with a hairdryer or in a heat tunnel.