Production of shrink PVC filmand different product of it: sleeve, half-sleeve, canvas, band, label...

Shrink bundling films for the SKO caps

Shrink bundling films for the SKO caps

Shrink bundling films for the SKO caps is a simple, convenient and economical way of group packaging of goods. Cutting from PVC film is inexpensive, it gives an aesthetic appearance to a set of covers and reliably protects them from external factors.

Shrink bundling film is made of PVC film by extrusion in our own plant.


Material: transparent and color PVC film
Film thickness: 30-50 microns
Width: 145-150 mm
Height: at the request of the customer
Printing: flexo and rotogravure printing, holographic images
Options: easy and curly sealing, perforation

Unique design — at the request of the client.

Market requirements

Current market requirements for the packaging of goods dictate the need to provide as many arguments as possible in favor of their products. High-quality group packaging of covers of SKO will solve a number of problems of the seller: the convenience of recording and controlling the sale of goods, storage of products, comfortable placement of goods on the shelves.

Label function

Shrink bundling film with flexo and rotogravure printing will take on the function of an attractive label. Bright individual design with the manufacturer’s logo and additional information for the client will help highlight the product on the shelf. Printing can be both on the entire surface of the film, and with a transparent background for a visual demonstration of the goods inside.

Protection against the dust and moisture

Such packaging tightly fits the product and protects the product from environmental influences, dust, dirt, moisture, small scratches and corrosion

Transport protection

PVC film is a denser material than its analogues, therefore it allows you to protect the product from light mechanical damage, as well as quickly identify damaged or defective goods.

For industries of the various sizes

The technology of a group packaging in the heat-shrinkable PVC bundling film can be applied at the various production scales. Shrinkage can be done with a hairdryer or with a heat tunnel.

Group packing of covers of SKO | Image 1
Group packing of covers of SKO | Image 2