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Shrink bundling film with sealing

Shrink bundling film with sealing

Shrink bundling film is necessary for goods with the increased requirements for protection against the premature opening. It provides an additional sealing of the packaging, is securely fixed, tightly fits the surface, protecting the product from getting into the dirt and moisture.

Shrink bundling film is made of PVC film by extrusion in our own plant.

Scope of application

  • Cosmetics
  • Household chemicals
  • Common consumption goods
  • Food
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Industrial equipment

Examples of using:

  • Shrink bundling film with sealing will prevent the high pressure pipe fittings from the contamination and corrosion.
  • Packing ceiling eaves, curtain rods and thresholds in heat-shrink bundling film will become a kind of "package" for the product itself, fasteners, accessories, leaving the appearance of the product open and preventing the loss of the components.
  • Cosmetic products and household chemicals with a dispenser will be protected from an accidental "pressure".
  • Cosmetic products, atomizers, siphons, bottles with creams and rinses will be protected from the premature opening and ingress of contaminants.
  • Shrink bundling film with sealing is suitable for fixing the stationery, small parts of which are often lost.
  • Shrink bundling film with sealing made of PVC film is suitable for the group promotional packaging of the "1 + 1" type.


Material: transparent and color PVC film
Film thickness: 20-80 microns
Width: 30-430 mm
Height: 110-900 mm
Printing: flexo and rotogravure printing
Options: easy and curly sealing, perforation (vertical, horizontal, T-shaped)
Easy sealing
Easy sealing
Curly sealing
Curly sealing

Unique design — at the request of the client.

Protection function

Shrink bundling film with sealing helps to prevent contaminants and moisture from getting inside the package, preserves the presentation of the product. PVC film is a more dense material, so it allows you to protect the product from light mechanical damage, as well as quickly identify damaged goods.

Trust and customer convenience

Heat-shrinkable bundling film can only be taken off once. This ensures the buyers that the product has not been opened at the point of sale. Such packaging will provide primary protection for the product, it can be easily removed and does not leave traces of glue or adhered pieces of film on the product.

Easy to use and store

Shrinkage occurs under the influence of high temperature. Such packaging tightly fits the product, giving it an attractive look. The thermoshrinkable film of a compact in storage is not afraid of dampness, moisture, frost and a temperature difference. Shrinkage can be done with a hairdryer or a heat tunnel. The introduction of shrink technology does not require much time, but will help reduce the production costs.

The individuality of the heat-shrinkable bundling film will be a reliable guarantor of an originality, control and quality of your products for the consumer.