Production of shrink PVC filmand different product of it: sleeve, half-sleeve, canvas, band, label...

Heat-shrink packers

Heat-shrink packers

Packers are designed for manual, semi-automatic and automatic packaging of various types of products, both food and non-food type goods.

The use of the packaging machines for product packaging has several advantages:

  • Versatility: packers allow you to pack any product, both food and non-food, into the shrink film. Moreover, the geometric dimensions of the products can be varied.
  • Compactness: installation of packers does not require large areas.
  • Diversification of the type of packaging: with the help of packers, you can make both individual and group packaging of goods using various variations.
  • Simplicity: packers are easy to install, connect and configure, easy to use and maintain. Do not require long-term staff training

For each type of packaging product in a shrink film, the films with the different shrinkage and thickness properties are used. These parameters are selected depending on the specific product, its characteristics, sizes, storage conditions, transportation and so on.

Packers are used for packaging:

  • food products
  • household chemicals, perfumes, cosmetics
  • household appliances and other electronics
  • printing products
  • textile
  • decoration materials

The company Don-Polymer offers a wide range of packers for packaging various goods. The use of packers and highly transparent durable shrink film will allow to achieve high-quality packaging of goods, give a great look to the appearance and protect against the external influences both during transportation and on the shelves of the retail chains and stores.