Decorative shrinkable sleeve

Decorative shrinkable sleeve

Turnkey solution for decorating plumbing and heating pipes, furniture fittings, cornices, sills, and other types of products which need to remain good-looking. Many manufacturers face the decoration problem: paint quickly loses its form, coating does not give the desired colors. There is a need of protection from mechanical damage and exposure to the external environment during transportation, storage and operation. Decorative shrink sleeve, PVC film of extrusion type is able to solve many problems, adding value to your product for consumers.

Technical properties

Width: from 30 to 700 mm
Thickness: from 20 to 120 μm
Lateral shrinkage: up to 52%
Longitudinal shrinkage: 5%

New look — new features

Client requirements are becoming higher and higher every day. Even buing the most “classic” goods people want to get practical and aesthetic pleasure. Decorative shrink sleeve allows you to expand your products range without additional investments, to increase the audience of your customers and to descover new opportunities for your business.

Unique film formula

The film which is used in decorative sleeve production is frostproof and shockproof, can withstand temperature fluctuations, abrasion resistant, retains its shrinkage degree for a long time, resistant to ultraviolet rays.

Wide range of design

Light or colored film, imitation of natural textures (mint, natural beige, Crocus, caramel, kiwi, peach, gold, decorative white, natural oak, cherry, walnut, and more). With decorative sleeves you can create a unified interior ensemble by decorating pipes, ledges, handrails and accessories.