Production of shrink PVC filmand different product of it: sleeve, half-sleeve, canvas, band, label...

Shrink label

Shrink label — one of the best ways to arrange any product. Vivid attractive appearance, complex forms, maximum use of the product area for posting information, protection against unauthorized opening, wide opportunities for branding, marketing and advertising campaigns. Shrink label has been successfully used for the production of drinks, dairy, perfumery, household chemicals and much more.

We own the production of shrink labels for any type of product.

The maximum area and the complex shape of the label will help in promoting the product.

Protection of the products against the counterfeiting and tampering.

Hygienic protection of the packaging and products from the dust, dirt, moisture and minor damage.

Creating an attractive appearance, masking irregularities and defects in containers.

Unique design, 100% exclusivity and originality of your products.

Scope of application

Drinking and mineral water, drinks, juices, dairy products, canned food, covers of the North Kazakhstan region, baby food, household chemicals, cosmetics, aerosol cans and other products. Such a label can be used for almost any container: plastic, glass, tin.

Shrink water label
Shrink label baby food
Shrink label salt

Options for placing shrink labels on the containers

Label covers cap and the neck portion.
Label covers cap and the neck portion
The label covers the center of the product
The label covers the center of the product
The sleeve label covers everything except the top of the lid and the bottom of the product
The "sleeve label" covers everything except the top of the lid and the bottom of the product
The Buggy Label covers everything except the bottom of the product
The "Buggy Label" covers everything except the bottom of the product


Our own Print Polymer Packaging division provides our customers with the high-quality flexographic and intaglio printing. Huge color range, durable colorful layer, protected from fading and abrasion.

Printing technologies and advanced options

Flexo printing and rotogravure printing
Flexo printing or rotogravure (intaglio) printing up to 8 colors
Holographic printing
Holographic printing
Đ“Horizontal and vertical perforation

We offer

Design and prepress your shrink label design
Production and printing of labels in the desired form (sleeve or a specific individual cut)
Selection and supply of the equipment for the label shrinkage, commissioning

Shrink labels export to all the countries around the world.


We export our products to any country. The geography of our customers is constantly expanding due to the high quality of our products, the constant introduction of innovative technological solutions, the competitive prices and large production capacity.