Shrink bands for brewer kegs

Shrink bands for brewer kegs

During storage and transportation of beer in kegs problems may arise with fitting protection against tampering, dust, dirt and moisture, as well as the protection of products against counterfeiting.

Shrink cap with the top disk on a fitting beer kegs — an innovative solution to replace the standard plastic lids!

Specifications for standard bands

Diameter: 75,5 mm
Height of band: 34 mm
Film thickness: 60-75 μm
Quantity per box: 2500 PCs
Carton size: 0,098 m3
Carton weight: 3 kg

We can produce shrink neckbands of your custom dimensions.

Detailed information regarding printing capabilities, materials, options, quality and technology of use you can find on the page “shrinkable neckbands”.

Hygiene and reliability

With heat shrink band fitting is closed tightly against dust, dirt and moisture. No plastic small particles from the lid-seal at the opening. Shockproof and freezeproof film formula keeps its heat-shrink properties during transport and adverse conditions in winter and summer.

Convenience and comfort

Easy removal, no dust and dirt on the fitting, quick identification of products — all this makes the use of kegs with fittings, protected with heat-shrink caps instead of the standard lids-seals, more convenient and comfortable.

Anti-counterfeiter & tamper evident safety.

The presence of heat-shrink band with individual design gives more protection security against forgery and unauthorized opening. This is particularly topical if you are using returnable kegs.

Versatility and economy

One band may be suitable for several types of beer keg fittings. The cost of shrinkable bands are significantly lower than those of traditional cap-seals.

Mode of use

Put the heat shrink band on a beer keg fitting

Put the heat shrink band with the top disk on a beer keg fitting

Heat the neckband with hot air for its shrinkage

Heat the neckband with hot air for its shrinkage up to fully smooth down the pleats and obtain a smooth surface

Beer keg is secured

Ready! Beer keg is secured against tampering and adverse conditions

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