Production of shrink PVC filmand different product of it: sleeve, half-sleeve, canvas, band, label...

Goal, design, strategies


Improving together with the partners, create packaging solutions that embody the best ideas of our customers and add the value to their product.

The idea

we constantly increase our staff efficiency and create theconditions for attracting the best employees

we form a team of professionals able to realize any non-standard idea of our clients

we are working to strengthen the solvency of the enterprise in order to provide more flexible working conditions for our partners

we increase the confidence level of our customers and work in a way that does not justify, but exceed the expectations of our customers

we are improving the technical equipment, developing technology and production processes

we create conditions for strengthening the corporate culture, for building open and trusting relationships aimed at the ethical business conduct

we care about the environment, relying in our work on strict observance of the environmental standards


The financial strategy is to strengthen the solvency of the enterprise, increase the welfare of the enterprise and its employees

The sales strategy is that our core value is customer constancy, we build our work in such a way that all customers become regular partners

Marketing strategy — make you want to buy our product

The strategy in the field of personnel is to build a personnel management system in which the company would have a stable status of the preferred employer and get the maximum return on investment in personnel

Ethics strategy — creating a corporate code

Strategy in the field of production — improving the efficiency, productivity, quality of products