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Shrink bands for baby water

In the modern world, for the consumer of children’s products, the most popular and expected function of packaging is the protection. It can be considered under the several aspects: it must preserve the products in the harmful environmental conditions, protect the product from the fakes. Shrink bands are a guarantee of safety, as well as the means of forming the proper image of the goods.

Specifications and packaging

(for 5 liter bottles)

Band diameter: 52 mm

Band height: 36 mm

Film thickness: 60-75 microns

Shrink cap packaging

In one box: 6000 pcs

Box volume: 0,098 m3

Box weight: 4 kg

It is possible to produce heat-shrink bands of individual sizes.

Detailed information on printing options, materials, options, quality and technology of application on the page heat-shrink bands


Parents are the most demanding consumers!

It’s no secret that with the advent of a child in the family, parents are redefining their approach to shopping. Screening of low-quality products becomes more thorough. Young mothers fall into a paranoid state, trying to provide their children with the best, sparing neither efforts nor money. These are the most demanding customers, and you can please them by choosing the right packaging for a start.

Profitable marketing tool

It is known that packaging has long been considered a profitable marketing tool. It increases competitiveness in the market, attracting the attention of the buyers with its appearance. To enhance this effect, use heat shrink bands as a bright addition. Soft pink, blue tones, children’s images on the caps — all this will perfectly complement the packaging concept and give it a complete look. Properly planned packaging carries value, both for the consumer and for the manufacturer. Shrink band is applicable for the products of different types and volumes: 5-liter bottles, small containers (0.2-1.5 liters), 19-liter bottles.

Hygiene component packaging

Undoubtedly remains the fact that the quality of the product is important for the buyers. And to keep it, the packaging takes on, including the protective functions. That is actually a kind of layer between the products and the environment. Dust and dirt during transportation, all the way from the warehouses to store shelves settles on the package. Shrink band guarantees the protection from a moisture and dust, which gives the product a longer retain marketable appearance. you can remove the band, without touching the neck of a bottle, by using the horizontal or vertical perforation. Each band is put on by hand, allowing it to be properly attached to a jar or a bottle.

Counterfeit protection

Another modern kind of protective function is protection against the fakes. The sector of children’s goods is growing, which makes it attractive to the scammers who are ready to profit from the most important and dear to the parents. Therefore, customers need confidence that they are acquiring a quality product, not a fake. You can gain trust with the help of packaging, and the more complicated and unusual it will be (in the quality of the materials, in form, colors, in the method of applying the image, etc.),- the more difficult it will be to make a fake. Shrink bands do an excellent job in this. This will be unprofitable for the fraudsters. However, such measures may not be sufficient, and the manufacturers use rebranding. Because of the constant change of packaging, manufacturers of fakes simply do not have time to catch up. However, this method also has a significant "minus" — buyers may lose their visual image of the product, which will lead to lower sales. This drawback is leveled with the help of a thermoshrinkable band. Its design can be changed repeatedly without changing the design of the entire packaging and the production flowcharts.