Shrink neck bands for children's water

Shrink neck bands for children's water

In the modern world, for children products consumer the most valuable and expected function of packaging is protection. It can be considered under several aspects: it should protect the products in hazardous environmental conditions, to protect goods from counterfeiting. Shrink caps guarantees the security, as well as a mean of shaping a correct image to the product.

Specifications for standard bands

(for five liter bottles)

Diameter: 52 mm
Height of band: 36 mm
Film thickness: 60-75 μm
Quantity per box: 6000 PCs
Carton size: 0,098 m3
Carton weight: 4 kg

We can produce shrink neckbands of your custom dimensions.

Detailed information regarding printing capabilities, materials, options, quality and technology of use you can find on the page “shrinkable neckbands”.

Parents are the most demanding consumers!

It is not a secret for anybody that with the advent of a child in the family, parents revise their shopping preferences. The defective products screening becomes more thorough. Young mothers fall into a paranoid state, looking for the best for their babies, sparing no effort, no expense. They are the most demanding customers, so you could please them by choosing the correct package to start with.

Profitable marketing tool

It is known that packaging has long been considered a profitable marketing tool. It increases the competitiveness in the market, attracting by its appearance the attention of buyers. To enhance this effect, use shrink neck bands as a bright supplement. Pale pink, blue, baby images on the bands — all these details perfectly complement the concept of packaging and give it a finished appearance. Properly designed packaging carries the value, both for the consumer and the manufacturer. Shrink neck band is applicable for the production of different types and volumes: 5-litre bottles, small containers (0.2 to 1.5 liters), a 19-liter bottles.

Component of the package hygiene

The fact that buyers put high value to the quality of the product remains certain. In order to save the quality the packaging takes on many functions, including the protective one. It actually have a kind of “seam” between the product and the environment. Dust and dirt during transportation, all the way from the warehouse to the store shelves on the package. Shrink neck band ensures protection from moisture and dust, which lets the product to keep its marketability much longer. The neckband can be removed, without touching necks or bottles, by using the horizontal or vertical perforations. Each band is manually applied, allowing it to be properly fixed on a can or a bottle.

Protection against counterfeiting

Another modern variant of protective functions is the tamper evident protection. Children’s goods market constantly grows, which makes it attractive to fraudsters ready to profit on the most important and expensive things for parents. Therefore, it is important for buyers to be assured that they purchase a quality product and not a fake. You can gain this confidence with the help of package, and the more difficult and unusual will it be (quality of materials, form, colors, method of printing an image, etc.), the harder is to imitate it. Shrink neck bands perfectly accomplish this task. It will not be profitable for crooks. However, such actions may be insufficient, so manufacturers use rebranding. The fake producers just have no time for a constant change of package. However, this method has a minus — buyers can lose a visual image of goods, which leads to drop in sales. You can address this challenge with help of PVC bands. You can change its design repeatedly without changing the package design and the technological scheme of production.

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