Production of shrink PVC filmand different product of it: sleeve, half-sleeve, canvas, band, label...

Sleeve for bulk packaging of cereals

Bulk packaging of cereals

In warehouses and in the shopping centers, cereals, flour and other bulk products are often shipped and re-packed, which leads to the rupture of the packages and spoilage of the product. You can avoid these problems by using group packaging with a shrink sleeve made of PVC film.


Thickness: 30 to 50 microns

Type: sleeve

Material: PVC transparent film

Important for the retail chains and stores

Entering their products into the retail chains, manufacturers are faced with the need to provide as many reasons as possible in favor of their products. High-quality group packaging solves a number of problems of the seller and significantly reduces the amount of goods that will have to be written off due to the damage to the packaging.

Excellent storage and transportation

The goods can be packaged in a shrink sleeve of 6.8.10 or 16 units. In this type of packaging, cereals will hold perfectly on pallets and even withstand drops that are possible when re-sorting and laying out goods.

Simple use

The technology of a group packaging in PVC heat-shrink sleeve can be applied at the various production scales. Shrinkage can be done with a hairdryer or a heat tunnel.