Heat-shrink film, shrink sleeve, half-body sleeve

Decorative sleeve
Heat-shrink film
Decorative shrinkable sleeve

„Packaging is the same seller as a servant of flesh and blood, and even more” Richard Carroll Frenkin Lerrebi „Package That Sells”.

Heat-shrink sleeve, half-body sleeve and PVC film are the materials for packaging various household and industrial products made of metal, wood, plastics, glass of different configuration, for moldings decoration, cuttings for various household and agricultural equipment and others. Thanks to its unique properties, heat-shrinkable sleeve covers the entire circumference of the product and provides it with a hundred percent safety. Create a recognizable packaging using the wide range of Don-Polymer products. Due to its brightness and brilliance our products will emphasize its best ergonomic design of the packaged product and attract the attention of customers.

The eye-catching shine and glossy graphics of our shrink products highlights the ergonomic design of the packed goods and has great consumer appeal.

There are more and more variants of use of heat-shrinkable sleeve, half-sleeve and film in the markets of home decoration materials, household equipment and FMCG. This innovative method of packing and decorating fits high quality standards and provides reliable coverage for different surfaces: metal, wood, plastic. Transparent and decorative heat-shrinkable sleeves are used for labeling and packing products in various industries:

  1. Сhemical industry (chemicals, household chemicals, perfumes).
  2. Auto parts.
  3. Building industry, furniture fittings packing of metal, wood, PVC, item-specific and multiple packaging of benches, sills, spade handles, handles for domestic and agricultural instruments, skirting-boards, plastic panels, laminated flooring, gas cylinders, lining, hardwood flooring, wooden, metal and other profiles, etc.
  4. Stationery & Writing instrument and printing products, wallpaper, retail products, CD-DVD package, video cassettes, toys and souvenirs (grouping several objects in order to fix their relative position for further transportation), packaging SKO-caps (50 pcs.)

Heat-shrinkable sleeve, half-sleeve and film have several advantages:

  1. Easy to use in consumption, storage and transportation.
  2. High-quality, reliable and strong package, regardless of the material of which the goods are made.
  3. Good mechanical properties, durability.
  4. Long shelf-life.
  5. Reasonable price.

For decorative sleeve and the sleeve for application at Don-Polymer is ready to offer the following services:

  1. Design and prepress preparation for heat-shrinkable sleeves.
  2. Production of a wide range of sleeves of different color and by printing method (flexo- and rotogravure printing).
  3. Full color or periodic positional printing (flexo- and rotogravure printing), including holographic printing.
  4. Horizontal and vertical perforation.
  5. Manufacturing of a wide range of sizes on the flat width and thickness.

We can safely say that today the heat-shrinkable sleeve, half-sleeve and PVC film by Don-Polymer company is an innovative, advanced package which can significantly increase the ability of companies to cut costs and increase sales of produced goods.

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