Production of shrink PVC filmand different product of it: sleeve, half-sleeve, canvas, band, label...

Thermo shrink sleeve, half-sleeve and PVC canvas

Decorative Shrink Films
Thermoresistant paper
Decorative Shrink Films

Heat-shrink sleeve, half-sleeve and PVC films are designed for packaging various household and industrial products made of metal, wood, plastic, glass of various shapes, for decorating cornices, for the cuttings of various household and agricultural implements and other products.

There are more and more options for using a heat-shrinkable sleeve, half-sleeve, and film in the market of finishing materials, household equipment, and consumer goods.

Thermo shrink sleeve
Thermo shrink sleeve
Thermo shrink half-sleeve
Thermo shrink half-sleeve
Thermo shrink film
Thermo shrink film

Scope of use

The canvas, sleeve, half-sleeve can be used for group and individual packaging, as well as decorating a variety of products:

  • building and finishing materials
  • furniture fittings
  • stationery
  • printing
  • consumer goods
  • food
  • auto parts
  • household Chemistry

Easy to use, easy storage and transportation

It is possible to apply a thermo shrink sleeve, a half-sleeve and a film at the productions of different scale. The introduction of shrink technology does not require much time, but will help reduce the production costs.

Attractive packaging and decoration

Due to its brightness and brilliance, the shrink film will emphasize from the best side the ergonomic design of the product, invariably attracting the attention of consumers, which will increase the sales of manufactured products.

There is a choice

The capacity of our production is more than 100 tons per month. We can offer shrink sleeve, half-sleeve and film of a wide color scheme, many sizes, different thickness and degree of shrinkage of the film, as well as a large selection of additional options.

Quality, quality, quality!

All products and production are certified. We and our clients regularly conduct technical tests. A unique recipe, a quality management system, qualified personnel and modern high-performance equipment — all this makes our products highly competitive, both in quality and price!