Production of shrink PVC filmand different product of it: sleeve, half-sleeve, canvas, band, label...

Colored shrink sleeve

Colored shrink sleeve from PVC film

The color sleeve made of PVC shrink film is a high-quality decorative coating. It fits tightly and protects the surfaces of metal, wood, plastic, helps to hide the small manufacturing defects, decorates the surface and attracts the attention of the consumer. Printing on the film allows you to place additional information or the company logo on the product.


The sleeve is made of PVC film in an extrusion way in our own production.

The unique design could be made at the request of the client.

Material colored and fluted PVC film
Sleeve type seamless
Thickness 50 to 140 microns
Width 30 to 180 mm
Print flexso- and roto-engraving printing

Scope of use

The colored shrink sleeve is suitable for decorating a garden and household tool, pillars, road signs, metal structures, sports equipment and other similar goods.


The shrink sleeve securely protects the surface of the product from the adverse conditions, withstands the temperature from −40 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius, is resistant to condensation. When the film is tightened, it fits close to the surface and helps prevent pollution and moisture from getting under it. The shelf life is virtually unlimited. PVC film is a dense material, so it helps to protect the product from light mechanical damage.

Decorating the surface

When heated, the sleeve tightens around the product without creases and folds, which gives the product an aesthetic appearance. Thanks to the bright colors of the film, the product will not be lost out of sight during it’s use.

Attracting the attention and a consumer convenience

The possibility of an additional individual printing on the sleeve will help to highlight the goods on the shelves of the store. Uniqueness will be a guarantor of the original quality of the products for the consumer.

Easy to use and to store

Shrinkage occurs under the influence of high temperature and does not require special skills of application. The shrink film is compact in storage, not afraid of dampness, moisture, frost and temperature changes. Shrinkage can be done with a hairdryer or thermotunnel. The introduction of shrinkage technologies will not take long, but will help reduce the production costs.

A wide range of applications

Road signs, banners and signs, joker systems, flagpoles, lampposts, gutters and any metal pipes can be decorated with the colored sleeves, ensuring a long life, keeping their appearance without regular cleaning and painting the work surface.