Shrink neckbands for five liter bottles

Shrink neckbands for five liter bottles

Many manufacturers complain of declining demand, decrease of consumer confidence and increasing number of fakes, putting on a charge stores and retailers. Only manufacturer can solve these questions, introducing innovations that will solve production and marketing problems. Such innovations include heat shrink band for 5-liter bottles.

Specifications for standard bands

Diameter: 52 mm
Height of band: 36 mm
Film thickness: 60-75 μm
Quantity per box: 6000 PCs
Carton size: 0,098 m3
Carton weight: 4 kg

We can produce shrink neckbands of your custom dimensions.

Detailed information regarding printing capabilities, materials, options, quality and technology of use you can find on the page “shrinkable neckbands”.

Tamper-evident protection

Possibility of “artisanal” bottling, large scale of channels through which you can get almost all of components, use of thrown empty bottles (wonder why wipers collect them?) — all these factors make such products attractive for fraudsters. Although, they are always looking for the simplest way and their opinion typically does not fall on goods with additional security elements, because producing such goods in small quantities is very expensive. However, even one bottle of fake poor quality water can seriously damage the whole brand reputation.

Profitable marketing tool

Shrink neckband is a simple and cost-effective way to highlight your products on a store-shelf. 5-liter bottle in the stores are usually on the bottom height enough shelves. The consumer usually looks at the bottle from top, so a shrink neckband with original design will immediately attracts his attention.

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