Heat-shrinkable film

Currently PVC heat-shrinkable film is one of the most effective ways of packing. It has the ability to decrease in size under the influence of high temperature. With this kind shrinking gained popularity of a material, which has a small volume and weight and of the most importance it has affordable price. PVC heat-shrinkable film is the perfect way to protect food products from outside influences. Don-Polymer company is ready to furnish the film produced in our plant in the form of a film, sleeve, half-body sleeve and cut (a sleeve is cut on separate cards of your ordered height). We can do sealing of top or bottom of sleeve and deliver cutting with sealing. Our company can offer various options of flat width, thickness and degree of shrinkage for PVC heat-shrinkable film.

PVC heat-shrinkable film is used for packing, decorating and protecting various products from damage during transportation and storage. PVC shrink film of Don-Polymer company is compact in storage, resistible to wet, moisture, frost and temperature changes, thus being an excellent alternative to other types of packaging. By clinging excellently clinging to the product PVC heat-shrinkable film enebles visual control of products through a clear surface and gives it a unique appearance and enables outstanding presentation simultaneously providing protection, provides safety before getting the cunsumer.

PVC heat-shrinkable film by Don-Polymer company is a high quality, strong packing material with excellent optical properties (which allows the consumer to concentrate on the appearance of the product, not on packaging), high shrinkage, resistant to high and low temperatures. PVC heat-shrinkable accepts the quality standards for packaging. Our products have a certificate of conformity and Safety and Health Certificate.

Due to its unique properties of PVC heat-shrinkable film by Don-Polymer:

  1. makes product appearance more aesthetic
  2. handy in use and storage
  3. keeps the shape of products and saves space during transport
  4. protects it from from outside influences (high and low temperature, temperature drop, humidity and moisture)
  5. reliable and modern package

Thus, PVC heat-shrinkable film of Don-Polymer becomes the key for successful marketing of your products. Use of PVC shrink film for packaging, decoration and protection is convenient, practical, profitable and modern.