Shrink neckbands for pharmaceuticals

Shrink neckbands for pharmaceuticals

Shrink neckbands production for pharmaceutical products became a symbol of its originality on the market. It’s the best packaging option for companies who care about protection of goods against counterfeiting, about reputation and calculate carefully their budget.

Specifications for standard bands

Film thickness: 60-75 μm Carton size: 0,098 m3

Diameter Height of band Quantity per box Carton weight
19 mm 25 mm 40000 PCs 48 kg
28 mm 25 mm 8000 PCs 9,6 kg
28 mm 100 mm 2000 PCs 2,4 kg

Shrink caps for pharmaceutical products are manufactured according to individual sizes.

Detailed information regarding printing capabilities, materials, options, quality and technology of use you can find on the page “shrinkable neckbands”.

Shrink neckbands for pharmaceuticals

Counterfeit protection in the most vulnerable industry

Dimensions of this problem has become truly massive— according to the world health organization the counterfeit drugs kill about a million of people each year in the world. A few years ago, pharmaceutical pirates forged only affordable and accessible drugs. Now, when the market is growing and has a weak control, they set sights on expensive drugs as, for example, oncology and diabetes. In order to protect customers from counterfeit products, the manufacturer should use better methods of packaging, which are difficult to forge. One of the modern means of protection against forgeries can be recognized shrinkable cap.

Uniqueness guaranteed

Shrink band for pharmaceutical products is customized for every customer; a unique design is developed for each new order. Warranty of originality of drugs will allow customers to make the right choice. It’s safe to say that now shrink the shrink band is more of a necessity than a luxury.

Low cost

Another advantage is almost obvious — heat shrink neckbands for pharmaceutical products are low-cost. The price of band is incomparably low with the cost of drugs. The legal regulation of drug falsification in the United States and several European countries prescribes the impressive penalties and even a life imprisonment, in our country such a fraud is at worst estimated as a fraud. Therefore, these crooks, without fear of justice, break through the laws and flood the market with counterfeits. Heat-shrinkable band could serve as a cheap and effective way to protect the buyer against counterfeiting.

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