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Shrink band for pharmaceutical products

Using the designer of the heat-shrink band for pharmaceutical products, you can get acquainted with the technological capabilities of our production, configure a suitable option for yourself and immediately request a price or place an order with our managers.

Heat-shrink band material: PVC film PVC

Top cap printing


Perforations options

Shrink band for pharmaceutical products

Shrink bands for pharmaceutical products have become a symbol of its originality in the market. One of the best packaging options for companies that care about protecting goods from fakes, their reputation and profitably calculating the budget.

Specifications and packaging

Film thickness: 60-75 microns

Shrink cap packaging

Box volume: 0,098 m3

Shrink band diameter Shrink band height In one box Box weight
19 mm 25 mm 40000 pcs 48 kg
28 mm 25 mm 8000 pcs 9,6 kg
28 mm 100 mm 2000 pcs 2,4 kg

Thermoshrinkable bands for the pharmaceutical products are made to fit for the individual sizes.

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Shrink cap for dietary supplements

Counterfeiting in the most vulnerable industry

The problem has become truly massive — according to the World Health Organization, about a million people die from the fake drugs in one year around the world. A few years ago, the pharmaceutical pirates faked only cheap and affordable drugs, now that the market is growing and due to the poor control, they have the audacity to forge the expensive drugs for the treatments, for example, for the oncology and diabetes. In order to protect customers from the fakes, the manufacturer should use more advanced packaging methods that will be difficult to counterfeit. One of the modern means of protection against the fakes is the shrink band.

Originality guaranteed

The thermoshrinkable band for the pharmaceutical products is made to order, a unique design is developed for it. The guarantee of the originality of the medicines will allow customers not to make a mistake in choosing. We can even argue that nowdays the shrink band is more of a necessity rather than an excess.

Low cost

Another obvious plus of the shrink band in the pharmaceutical products is its low cost. It is not commensurate with the cost of the drugs themselves. In the practice of the USA and a number of the European countries, falsification of medicines is punishable by imposing fines, or even life sentences, in our country this act is in the worst case considered as a fraud. Therefore, these same scammers, not fearing justice, transgress through laws and fill the market with fakes. Inexpensive and effective way to protect the buyer from fakes can serve as a shrink band.