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Thermalwashers for attaching polycarbonate

Thermalwashers for attaching polycarbonate

Thermal washers are designed specifically for fastening polycarbonate sheets. Can be used for roofing or wall mounting. Thermalwashers provide tight fastening without damaging the structure of polycarbonate sheets.

Specifications and packaging

Quantity in packing: 25 sets (thermowasher, protective cap, o-ring)

Colors available: transparent, dark bronze (production of thermalwashers of other colors is possible)
Colors of thermowashers

The self-tapping screw is not included in the package (selected depending on the mounting conditions)

Package bundle polycarbonate thermal washers

Additional information on fastening

Diameter of holes for mounting: 10-12 mm

Point mounting point: 250-400 mm

Do not overtighten screws
Do not pull

Do not use nails or rivets.

Quality Assurance Guaranteed

For fixing a polycarbonate, roofing screws and other conventional fixing materials cannot be used. Polycarbonate has a large coefficient of thermal expansion and greater strength. Without the use of thermalwashers, the reliability of fastening is not guaranteed, and the polycarbonate sheets themselves will be damaged when the ambient temperature changes.

Moisture and dust protection

Thermalwashers isolate the holes from the moisture and dust. When using a cellular polycarbonate, moisture that has fallen into the voids during freezing will lead to the destruction of sheets.

We export to all countries of the world.

Our own production allows us to quickly provide your needs with any number of thermalwashers at the low prices. In addition to the range of the primary colors, it is possible to order the alternative colors.