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Shrink band for wine and vodka products

Using the designer of the shrink band for wine and vodka products, you can get acquainted with the technological capabilities of our production, configure a suitable option for yourself and immediately request a price or place an order with our managers.

Shrink band material: PVC film PVC

Printing on the shrink band


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Shrink band for wine and vodka products

There is much debate that any packaging is like a "clothing" for the goods. If we approach this proposition from a psychological point of view, then we can find the obvious parallels. As clothing on a person tells us about his character and tastes, so the packaging carries information about the product. Casually picked up trousers, skirts or shirts distort, even spoil the image of a person, create a reputation of "a slob"; incorrect, unsuitable packaging creates almost the same effect — changes the idea of the product. Shrink band — it has been "a classic" for the wine and vodka products. A certain image of the product has already developed that corresponds to the concept of quality by different sections of the population. The task of the manufacturer is to maintain the image and to please the buyer.

Specifications and packaging

Film thickness: 60-75 microns

Shrink cap packaging

Box volume: 0,098 m3

Shrink band diameter Shrink band height In one box Box weight
28 mm 22-30 mm 10000 pcs 10 kg
28 mm up to 70 mm 7000 pcs 7 kg

It is possible to produce shrink bands of the individual sizes.

Detailed information on printing options, materials, options, quality and technology of application on the page heat-shrink bands


Counterfeit protection

The shrink band is a guarantee that the product is firmly closed and protected. In particular, such packaging protects the brand. The consumer has confidence that he is acquiring a proven product that is associated with the quality of the brand, and not fake. The shrink band complicates and makes it unprofitable to fake the genuine products.

Required packaging attribute

Many American authors in their work call the packaging "silent seller". On the examples of various studies, it turned out that thanks to the packaging in the stores, people have a consumer impulse. When advertising, the product image is consistent with the type of packaging, a certain image of the product is created. And to find wine and vodka products without a shrink band is completely strange. It has become a kind of convention, a mandatory attribute of packaging.

Consumer consciousness

Packaging is a part of modern mass culture, an object of design, so it has certain expectations. It should not only satisfy any, even the most sophisticated needs of the buyer, but also form his cultural level.

Shrink band for wine ang cognac
Shrink band for vodka


Since 2007, our company has been using a shrink band. For our products, first of all, it performs a protective function (increased humidity, cork drying out, slight damage, etc.), and its role as an element in design and marketing promotion is also important.

We met Don-Polymer in Moscow at the ProdExpo-2016 exhibition. As a result of negotiations, we agreed on the production of samples of the shrink bands. Specialists of the company came to our factory to test them. We really liked the quality of the test samples made for us, the tests were successful. At the moment we are ordering several types of shrink bands from Don-Polymer. And we are not going to stop developing partnerships!

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