Shrink neckbands for wine and spirits

Shrink neckbands for wine and spirits

There are many opponents to the opinion that package is the clothes of goods. If you come to this opinion from a psychological point of view, you can find obvious parallels. Clothes tell us about character and tastes of the person wearing it, such as package carries information about the product. Casually wore pants, skirts, shirts distort, even spoil the image of a person, makes the reputation of a slut; incorrect, improper packaging creates almost the same effect — it changes the perception of a product. Shrink neckband became classic for wine and spirits. There is already a certain image of a product that meets the expectations of different customer segments. The task of manufacturer is to maintain the image and to please the customer.

Specifications for standard bands

Film thickness: 60-75 μm Carton size: 0,098 m3
Diameter Height of band Quantity per box Carton weight
28 mm 22-30 mm 10000 PCs 10 kg
28 mm up to 70 mm 7000 PCs 7 kg

We can produce shrink neckbands of your custom dimensions.

Detailed information regarding printing capabilities, materials, options, quality and technology of use you can find on the page “shrinkable neckbands”.

Protection against counterfeiting

Shrink neckband is a guarantee that the product is firmly closed and protected. Furthermore, such packaging protects the brand. Consumer can be confident that he buys a proven product, with a correspondent brand quality and not a fake. neckband complicates and makes counterfeiting of genuine products gainless.

Indispensable package attribute

Many American authors in their works call package the “silent seller”. Various researches and case studies showed that peoples in stores feel the impulse to buy goods due to the package. When advertising and product picture comply with the product packaging, it creates a certain image to the product. Moreover, it seems strange to discover the wine without the heat-shrink neckband. It became a kind of convention, a mandatory attribute of the package.

Consumer conscience

Packaging is a part of modern mass culture, design, so it has to meet certain expectations. It has to satisfy not only every, even the most exquisit needs of customers, but also to shape their cultural level.

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