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The device for putting on shoe covers StEko

The device for putting on shoe covers StEko

The device for putting on shoe covers has compact dimensions, works silently and consumes energy like a regular eight-watt light bulb. Durable shoe covers are automatically put on the shoes with hot air, quickly and conveniently. No need to bend over or look for a place to sit down. The device does not require daily settings, the automatic on / off system is able to provide continuous operation in the high traffic conditions.

Product Specifications

Suitable for shoes up to size 46
Overall dimensions (WxDxH) 820x420x308 mm
Weight 21,5 kg
Color dark gray with silver, sand or bronze inlays
Power Consumption 80 W
Power 220 V

Scope of application

  • production
  • polyclinics
  • hospitals
  • private clinics
  • dental offices
  • women's consultations
  • cosmetology centers
  • spa
  • sanatoriums
  • sports clubs
  • fitness clubs
  • yoga centers
  • pools
  • baths
  • saunas
  • school
  • kindergartens
  • museums
  • production facilities of restaurants, cafes and canteens
  • and wherever it should be perfectly clean
Film for shoe covers on casters

Universal transparent film for shoe covers is highly durable. She does not tear, does not get trampled, sits well. Shrink-wrap shoe covers are suitable for any type of shoe, do not spoil it, are easy to put on, hold tight and can be removed without effort.

Applying your logo on a film is possible.

Film specifications

Material Transparent PVC Film
Type the full sheet
It is delivered in rollers with a volume of 550/700/900 pairs
Film thickness 25-30 microns
Width of film roll 220 mm
Weight 2,8 to 3,5 kg
Packing size 280x180x180 mm
Printing according to customer request
Automatic for shoe covers Steko bronze
Automatic for shoe covers Steko sand
Automatic Steko shoe covers silver
Roll shoe cover
Packing a roll of shoe covers

Economy and convenience

"StEco" consumes only the necessary minimum energy, not exceeding the consumption of an ordinary incandescent lamp. Silent and compact shoe cover device fits even in a small room and harmoniously fits into any environment. To use the device, chairs and benches are not required, you do not even have to bend down; it automatically puts on and seats the film on the visitor’s shoes. Replacing the used film roll will not cause difficulties and will not require any special technical skills.

Quick and high-quality putting on shoe covers

A fully autonomous device does not require daily maintenance and settings. You simply plug it into a power outlet, set the necessary parameters once, after which the machine switches itself on, shrinks the film without the participation of personnel, and turns it off. The device provides continuous operation in conditions of high traffic, this is, on average, 15 seconds per pair of shoes.

Hygienic to use

Shoe covers made of PVC film adhere tightly to shoes, can be easily removed, but become unsuitable for further wear after removal. The tight heat shrink system eliminates the possibility of re-using of shoe covers, which is very important for maintaining hygiene in the organization’s interior.

Status and prestige

Our device will be an ideal solution for the elite health centers, private clinics and sports clubs. The universal, stylish and sleek design of the StEco case will fit into any interior, and the convenience and speed of use will emphasize customer care and consolidate the institution’s high status.

Service and Warranty

Warranty service 1 year.

The company delivers interchangeable film rollers of its own production and conducts machine servicing every 2 years

Including, servicing of the devices purchased in other companies is carried out.

Since 2011, the Don-Polymer Group of Companies has been manufacturing and selling automatic equipment for putting on StEco shoe covers and consumables

Worldwide shipments