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Shrink bundling film for the gas valve

Shrink bundling film for the gas valve

Gas cylinders always inspire reliability concerns. Therefore, the consumer will give the preference to the trusted suppliers of goods or refueling services, who can offer additional guarantees of protection for their products.

Shrink bundling film made of PVC film for gas valves will be for the consumer a confirmation of the control of the qualitative and quantitative component of the contents of the cylinders.


Material: transparent and color PVC film
Film thickness: 75 microns
Width: 90-120 mm
Height: at the request of the customer
Printing: flexo and rotogravure printing, holographic images
Options: easy and curly sealing, perforation

Unique design — at the request of the client.

Seal function

Shrink packing of the valve protects it,serves as an additional seal for the supplier. Shrink bundling film can only be taken off once. This ensures the customers that the cylinders were not opened in advance and that they did not suffer damage to an important gas supply element during the transportation.

Identifier of the manufacturer (refueler)

Shrink packaging of the gas valves protects the name of a reliable manufacturer from low-quality service providers. The consumer is confident that he is acquiring a proven product. The presence of shrink packaging with an individual design complicates and makes it unprofitable to counterfeit or substandard provision of refueling services

Consumer confidence

Shrink bundling film confirms compliance with all the safety standards, the quality of goods or services for refueling cylinders. To increase the customer confidence will help providing the additional information on the packaging thread reagarding the date of a manufacture / refueling and the shelf life of products.

User convenience

Primary protection against dirt, moisture and corrosion, easy removal of the protective film, quick identification of an open valve from an unopened one — all this makes the use of gas cylinders more convenient and comfortable for the consumer.

Economy and ease of use

It is possible to apply such packaging of gas valves in industries of the various sizes. The bundling film itself has a low cost, and the introduction of the shrink technology does not require much time and a lot of money. Packaging is carried out automatically or manually, just putting on a bundling film on the valve, followed by heating with a hairdryer or in a heat tunnel.

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Shrink bundling film for the gas valve | Other 1
Shrink bundling film for the gas valve | Other 2

Type of use

To put the heat-shrinking bundling film on the valve of the gas cylinder
To put the heat-shrinking bundling film on the valve of the gas cylinder
Blow the bundling film with a hot air to shrink it
Blow the bundling film with a hot air to shrink it
The valve is reliably protected against the opening and adverse conditions.
Done! The valve is reliably protected against the opening and adverse conditions.