Shrink neckband for 5-gallon bottles

Shrink neckband for 5-gallon bottles

Shrink neckband for 5-gallon bottles has long become a mandatory element of package for such a product. It is obviously necessary to protect reusable bottles from a non-authorized filling. You can order us a simple shrink neckband and a neckband with a variety of safety technologies and of any individual design.

Specifications for standard bands

Diameter: 61 mm
Height of band: 65 mm
Film thickness: 55-65 μm
Quantity per box: 3000 PCs
Carton size: 0,098 m3
Carton weight: 4,5 kg

We can produce shrink neckbands of your custom dimensions.

Detailed information regarding printing capabilities, materials, options, quality and technology of use you can find on the page “shrinkable neckbands”.

Formed neckbands shrinkage technology

Formed shrink neckband produced by Don-Polymer due to its excellent form provides easy positioning on a bottleneck, and consequently proper and smooth shrinkage. In order to achieve the ideal shrinkage of a PVC neckband only a few conditions are required as described in this section, along with the rules of storage and transportation. If the temperature at the production floor and the warehouse is not the same, the boxes with neckbands should be kept at a normal temperature from 3 to 24 hours before using them (should be found empirically).
Tunnels for temperature corridor
The neckband is positioned on the neck of the bottle by hand (to automate the process instead of shrinkage PVC neckbands you can use shrinkable sleeve and applicator)
The shrink temperature of 100 to 200°C (depends on the speed of the line, the color tone of the neckband and its thickness)
We recommend to effectuate shrinkage indoor at a room temperature
Bottleneck should be dry

Protection against counterfeiting

Unlike disposable packaging life cycle of the reusable 5-g gallon bottles repeats many times. This imposes certain obligations on the manufacturer. The most recognized method among almost all of manufacturers is the protection of the bottleneck by the disposable heat-shrinkable neckband.

Component of package hygiene

Drivers of water delivery services take the bottleneck by hands many times. By the same hands, they take money, open many door handles, drive and even repair motor vehicles. Shrink neckbands will protect the neck from significant infection of bacteria, which can later get into the water.

Consumer confidence

There is no secret that many consumers think that the water in reusable 5-gallon bottles is «poured from one barrel». Competent approach to creating a positive image of your products could help to break this stereotype.

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