Production of shrink PVC filmand different product of it: sleeve, half-sleeve, canvas, band, label...

Shrink films and labels delivery

Delivery Don-Polymer

We deliver shrink PVC products and our other products all over the world.

We have described several examples to make it easier to navigate in terms of receiving products.

In addition to the delivery time to any country, you should consider:

Customs clearance 2-3 days
Sample production period 21 days (samples are produced free of charge)
Order production time 21 days (except for transparent water caps and beer caps in standard colors (white, yellow, blue, red, green, brown)


Ico Kenya Kenya 4-8 days


Ico Japan Japan 4 days
Ico United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 4 days


Ico Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 7 days
4 days
Ico Bulgaria Bulgaria (Sofia) 4 days
Ico Czech Republic Czech Republic 4 days
Ico Great Britain Great Britain 4 days
Ico Spain Spain 4 days

North America

Ico Canada Canada 4 days
Ico USA USA 4 days

South America

Ico Brazil Brazil 4-8 days
Ico Guyana Guyana (Georgetown) 4-8 days

To find out the delivery time to other countries, you should send a request by email: