Production of shrink PVC filmand different product of it: sleeve, half-sleeve, canvas, band, label...
  • For the correct selection of the sizes, a drawing or exact parameters of the packaged products is necessary.

    Or you need the original packaging, which can be sent to the responsible manager for affixing dimensions by our designer.

  • Our design department will develop the idea, the technical service will make a rig, the technologists will refine the recipe, the production implements.

    This is how exclusive packaging is created.

  • Our qualified specialists will draw the product drawings, develop individual design, make and send samples for free for the testing before the conclusion of the contract and the production of the industrial batch.

    Our specialists are always ready to conduct the tests at your production site, help solve the problem on the spot, or consult you by phone.

    We’re in touch 24/7!

  • The price of PVC film and its products are calculated individually for each customer, as our production capabilities allow us to produce an extensive range of flat widths from 18 to 940 mm and thicknesses from 19 to 75 microns.

    The cost also depends on the volume of the batch and the technical parameters of the finished product.

    We calculate the price immediately after the request.

  • In the summer, the products should be stored in a well-ventilated room, which prevents direct sunlight. The recommended storage temperature is from 0 to 20 °C.

    Please pay attention to the vehicles for transporting the products in the summer:

    • when picking up products, a car with a thermal booth is required
    • when using the services of transport companies be sure to check regarding the possibility of a transportation in a thermal booth

    In winter, the recommended storage temperature is between −20 and 0 °C

    Learn more about the storage conditions for the heat-shrinkable products.

    Our company has developed the films with the use of frost-resistant formulations, which is in demand in regions with the drastic temperature fluctuations.

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