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How to achieve the perfect shrink band shrinkage

Not always the shrink band sits evenly and we are often asked questions related to the shrinkage problems. All questions are the same: how to get rid of irregularities, how to avoid perforation rupture, etc.

It’s not really that complicated.

Thermal tunnel

1. Use the thermotunnels

Uniform shrinkage = uniform temperature treatment

Speed and temperature

2. Adjust speed and temperature

Shrink bands come in different shapes, thicknesses and are distinguished by the degree of shrinkage of the film. They are also affected by the options such as perforation and "top drive". A selection of speed and temperature parameters is sure to yield good results.


3. The neck of the used container should be absolutely dry

The presence of moisture leads to irregularities and deformation of the shrink band.


4. Storage

Follow the rules of the shrink band storage and transportation. A damaged batch of shrink bands will cause many problems. Keep the shrink bands in the dark ventilated rooms with minimal humidity. Do not allow the direct sunlight and proximity of the heating devices. Also, dust and dirt can cause problems when shrinking the shrink band.

If the advice didn’t help you, contact us — our technologists will always help you to solve problems.

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